Preparation Program

for Entrance Auditions at Music Academies in Germany

Are you a young talented pianist from abroad who would like to study piano or piano pedagogy in Germany?

I offer specific lessons to perfectly prepare your entrance examinations at German music conservatories.

Moreover, I can make you acquainted with some of the recommended piano professors working  at the music academies. They will give you one trial lesson and individual consultation; on this basis we can decide which courses of studies are suitable for your pianistic level (piano bachelor, master or piano pedagogy).

No matter how long you need to prepare your audition program- you can start your preparatory lessons with me anytime.

If you intend to do a long-term basic preparation with me you can book regular lessons of 90 or 120 minutes per week for e.g. ten months.

If you do not want to spend a long time in Berlin before the examination you can start to study your program on your own, after discussing the choice of pieces with me via e-mail. In Berlin, we can continue the preparation with intensive courses, 2-4 months before the audition.

In the lessons, you will learn

  1. -to gain more in-depth knowledge of western music, its nature and structure

  2. -to develop a refined manner of interpretation that corresponds to the character of       different musical periods

  3. -to improve your pianistic skills in order to express your musical imagination better

  4. -to work on your personal strengths and to improve your stage presence

  5. -to understand musical terms in German

  6. -to adapt to the German/ western mode of practice and piano methodology.

Moreover, you will benefit from the following services included in the price:

  1. -making contact to a piano professor of the music academy we recommend

  2. -a single audition combined with a trial lesson from this professor

  3. -a consultation about which courses of studies are suitable for your level

  4. -contact to a music theory teacher (the entrance test has a theoretical part, too)

  5. -organization of trial performances to overcome stage fright

If your German is not yet good enough to follow the lessons, I offer you to teach in English, French, Spanish or Mandarin, as long as you are able to understand musical terms in German. Our goal is to improve your German considerably and to thus raise your chances to pass the exam successfully!